Our Promise

RKW Homes is devoted to individual attention and creating relationships throughout the building process providing quality construction.  RKW Companies are family owned and operated with the mission to honestly and ethically fulfill the needs of our customers.  We promote best work habits and standards to produce a high quality product and keep a strong commitment to our customers needs, schedule, budget and satisfaction.

"Keeping a strong commitment to our customers needs, schedule, and budget while building an exquisite home."

Our Customers 

Keep Connected

We value customer feedback.  Learning from each customer allows RKW Homes to grow with the completion of each home.   

"We have said many times to many people that we would gladly start the whole process over again tomorrow!   Ryan goes above and beyond to make your dream a reality! He pays specific detail to budget without compromising quality." - RKW Homes Customer, 

"There was always an open communication line.  In less than 24 hours I had my questions answered. They really stayed on top of things. It was a GREAT experience! I'm already planning my next project!" - RKW Homes Customer